Game Jam Projects

56' Barricade

A game we created at the Hungraian-Polish Game Jam, that was hosted in memory of the 1956 revolution.

56' Barricade

Created for the Hungarian-Polish Game Jam, 2016

Developed in Unity

Developed By

  • Peter Szegedi

  • Anita Szegedi

  • Anna Molnar

  • Gergo Foldhazi

Butcher The Goat, is a 2D platformer, where the players run around the level as goats trying to complete their ritual, which involves completing 4 quests: Collect the yellow and green cabbages, butcher another goat, sacrifice yourself on the altar.

  • Local multiplayer

  • 2-4 players

  • Xbox controller support

Butcher The Goat


Created for Global Game Jam 2016 in 2 days.


Developed in Unity

Graphics and Animation: Anna Molnar
Programming: Gergo Foldhazi, Tibor Hermann
Game Design and Sound: Zsolt Varady

Monster Tag, is a 2D local multiplayer game.

Created for Ludum Dare 33

  • Local multiplayer

  • 4 player (Monster)Tag game!!

  • Xbox controller support

Monster Tag

Created for Ludum Dare 33 in 3 days

Developed in Unity

Developed By

  • David Ballo

  • Szabolcs Jozsa

  • Gergo Foldhazi

GYMJA is a game two of us created for Ludum Dare 31 Jam.

  • Collect as many stars as you can

  • Survive for as long as possible

  • Xbox 360 pad compatible



Created for Ludum Dare 31 in 3 days.

Developed in C++, using allegro 5.


Developed by:

Matt Cull

Gergő Földházi



Tomas Daly

Treasures of the Spectral Mines, a game created for PROCJAM

  • Collect as much treasure as you can

  • Avoid the spirits

Treasures of the Spectral Mines


Created for PROCJAM 2014

The levels are procedurally generated using the algorithm we came up with during the jam.


Base game developed in JavaScript:

Available online:


Rewrote game in C++, added extra features

Available from downloads.


Developed by:

Rob Moody

Gergő Földházi


CandyCrunch, a game I created in about 35 hours for a candyjam

  • Throw as many candies as you can into the mouth of the Candy Cruncher

  • 3 types of candies



I created this game for a 2 day candy jam. Developed in C++, using allegro 5


Gergő Földházi


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